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Spears Manufacturing Company

Schedule 40 & 80 PVC fittings, Schedule 80 CPVC fittings, CTS CPVC fittings, Insert Fittings, Nipples,
Large Diameter Molded & Fabricated Fittings. Thermoplastic Valves, Actuated Valves. Specialty Systems:
LabWaste corrosive drainage, LXT high purity system, FlameGuard fire sprinkler system, Double Containment
Piping, and Fume and Duct pipe and fittings.

Woodford Manufacturing

Residential Wall Faucets, Commercial Wall Faucets, Hot & Cold Mixing Hydrants, Non-Freeze Area
Hose Bibs, 1011 & 1052 Vacuum Breakers, Yard Hydrants, Sanitary Yard Hydrants, Heated Yard Hydrants,
Post Hydrants and Thermalines.

Watco Manufacturing Company

Tubular Bath Drains, PVC Bath Drains, 17 & 20 gauge Brass Bath Drains. Lavatory Drains, Trim Kits
and various replacment accessories.

Willoughby Industries

Stainless Steel Fixtures for both Commercial and Security applications including, Combination units,
Lavatories, Showers, Wash Fountains, and Sinks. In addition to a complete water management systems
allowing for total facility control and accessibility of water resources.

Healthcare Product Line consisting of Patient Care Units, Scrub Sinks, Shower Pans helping to conform
with increased insurance restrictions and Bariatric Fixturing. As well as many other solid surface products
for various facility applications.

MAPA Products

A full line of rooftop supports. Gas and Mechanical, Electrical and Refrigeration, Condensate or Sloped
Lines, Duct Work, Hydronics, Trapeze with Clevis Hanger, Bridging Assembly, Master Base, Equipment
Supports, Crossover/Walkway, Walking Pads, Electrical Pedestal, Plumbing Pedestal Hydrants.


Programmable Utility Controllers to regulate the availability of gas, electricity, water, vacuum and air.
Controller can integrate fire, smoke, and gas sensors to activate alarms, beacons, showers, and exhaust
fans. Internal, programmable timing function can turn units off and on.

Jay R. Smith MFG Co.

Since 1926, Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co.® has remained the industry leader in the design and manufacture of innovative plumbing and drainage products.

Jay R. Smith Trench Drain Systems

Trench drain systems manufactured from Polypropylene, Fiberglass, Polymer Concrete, Cast Iron, and Stainless Steel.

Acorn Terrazzo

Acorn Manufacturing produes a full line of terrazzo service sinks and shower floors.

Chronomite Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Chronomite, Inc. has been the innovative leader in providing electric tankless water heaters for [public] hand washing basins; safety & emergency fixtures, such as emergency eyewash and eye/face wash stations, emergency drench showers, and whole house applications to heat water for a variety of uses.

Elmdor Stoneman

Elmdor/Stoneman designs and manufactures access doors, roof flashings and roof hatches. Our team strives to create an optimal product that is functional and attractive. Combine this with the optimal customer experience, product availability and selection, fast delivery, and superb service. You know why there is NO SUBSTITUTE.

Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation

Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation (AMTC) is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high quality washroom automation systems, accessories, and water saving devices.