About US

About Gateway Reps: Your Trusted Plumbing Partner

At Gateway Representatives, we are dedicated to representing the finest plumbing manufacturers in the industry. With a commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation, we strive to deliver exceptional products and services to our clients.


Who Are We?

Gateway Representatives, founded by James Pate in 1972, initially operated as Pate Sales Company until 1994, when we rebranded as Gateway Representatives. 

With over 52 years of dedicated service to the plumbing industry, we have built a reputation for excellence and reliability. Throughout our history, we have remained committed to providing top-notch solutions and a hands-on approach to support our clients, establishing ourselves as a trusted partner in the plumbing sector.


Our Plans

Our team of knowledgeable professionals tirelessly works to ensure that our partners’ products are showcased effectively, providing tailored solutions to meet our customers’ diverse needs.

In addition to our dedication to excellence in representation, we prioritize continuous learning and development. We offer comprehensive training programs not only at the engineering level but also at the plumbing contractor level. These programs empower engineers and plumbing contractors with the knowledge and skills to efficiently design, install, and maintain our manufacturers’ products, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Pipeline to Excellence

By investing in ongoing education for engineers and plumbing contractors, we strengthen our team's expertise and enhance the overall value we bring to our clients. Gateway Representatives takes pride in fostering strong relationships built on trust, integrity, and mutual success. We're not just representatives; we're partners in progress, dedicated to driving excellence in the plumbing industry.

Meet The Team & Industry Experts

Phillip Pate
President at Gateway Representatives

Experienced sales professional with over 30+ years in the commercial, residential and plumbing supply market. History as strong relationship builder with architects, engineers and contractors. Strong reputation in the market as sales oriented and customer centric. Strengths include customer service, marketing, new product development and strategic business planning.

Kevin Pate
Vice President Sales at Gateway Representatives

Experienced sales professional with over 25+ years in the commercial/residential plumbing supply market. Strengths include customer service, marketing, new product development, and strategic business planning. Key account manager of territories, customers and sales force. Active participant in trade associations and leadership manufacturer councils. Strong reputation in market as sales oriented and customer centric.

James Pate
Service Center Manager at Gateway Representatives

James Pate, with a decade of dedicated service at Gateway Representatives, has excelled as a Service Center Manager since January 2013. A University of Missouri-Columbia alumnus, he brings a strong political science and government background to his strategic oversight and operational management role. His expertise has been pivotal in fostering growth and maintaining high service standards within the company.

Corey Nieman
Inside Sales Representative at Gateway Representatives
I’m excited to share that I’ve started a new position as an Inside Sales Representative at Gateway Representatives! Gateway is run by a great family I’m lucky to have close ties to, and I’m extremely excited to join the team!
Charles Pate
Outside Sales Representative at Gateway Representatives

Key role is outside sales and field support for Gateway Representatives, a firm that markets, sells and represents residential, commercial and industrial plumbing supplies. Irrigation and fire protection are additional key specialties.


At Gateway Representatives, we are more than just an industry-leading manufacturer’s representative; we are a team of dedicated professionals deeply committed to serving the professional trades in our market sector. Our foundations are built on a strong tradition of excellence, integrity, and hard work. Supplementing the wholesale distribution network, we take immense pride in providing unrivaled solutions and services designed to streamline the business operations of our clients. We strive to understand the unique needs of each client and deliver customized solutions that foster their growth and success. As we forge ahead, our enduring commitment remains – championing the success of our clients through innovative solutions and unrivaled service.

Territories We Cover

At Gateway Reps, our reach extends beyond our home base in Missouri to a wide array of regions where professional trades thrive. We proudly cover an expansive territory that includes Missouri, Illinois, and Western Kentucky. In each of these states, our commitment to delivering exceptional wholesale distribution and manufacturer representation remains steadfast. Whether it’s the bustling trade hubs of Illinois or the growing markets of Kentucky, our knowledgeable team ensures that the finest parts and services are always within your reach, fostering your success across the Midwest.

A picture of the state of Missouri that is covered by Gateway Reps.


A picture of the state of Illinois that is covered by Gateway Reps.


A picture of the state of Kentucky that is covered by Gateway Reps.